Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

5 Years ago I moved to the Mornington Peninsula for the lifestyle and the natural beauty. Living on the Mornington Peninsula has enhanced enormously my passion for the Mornington Peninsula, it’s stunning beaches, wineries and lush countryside and this drives my passion for capturing your special event within this beautiful region.

At James Pyne Photography my goal is to bring you images that tell your story and show who you really are.

To make that happen I oversee each stage from the initial contact, the consultation, planning the timeline of your portrait shoot or your special Wedding Day. This care continues through to the final delivery of your completed images. You, your family and all your images will be treated with the respect you should demand from a professional photographer entrusted with your memories.

All images are shot in RAW and edited in house using Apple computers, Calibrated Eizo Monitors, Capture One Pro and Photoshop to ensure the highest quality of the images you receive, whether they are digital images or professional archival prints

As the weather can sometimes change quickly on the Mornington Peninsula I choose to photograph with Professional Olympus EM1Mk2 and EM1 weather sealed camera bodies and weather sealed M Zuiko Professional lenses. For lighting I use Olympus speedlights and Profoto B1 and B2 professional strobes and modifiers. Profoto strobes provide studio quality lighting both in the studio and on location. Being battery powered they allow me to use the beautiful backdrops of the Mornington Peninsula beaches, wineries and countryside with full studio quality lighting. Of course when the “right” natural light is available I shoot natural light. Unfortunately there are may days on the Mornington Peninsula this “right” light is not available, this is no problem as I enhance the light with studio strobes.

So if your looking for a professional and friendly Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Wedding and Portrait photographer, James Pyne Photography may be perfect for you.

I look forward to working with you to preserve your memories for you, your family and friends.


James Pyne


Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Wedding and Portrait Photographer