Our resident Hair and Make Up Artist

Our Resident Hair and Make Up Artist

Tanya Pyne

Yes so blog's are not something I am very familiar with so here we go with our first one.  I will try not to make it boring.  It's about me so of course it's not boring...  (for me) 😂

So I thought I should start by introducing myself.

I am Tanya Pyne.  Wife of James Pyne and partner in life and business.  

We are a pretty good team together and fortunately for us our professions work well together.  

I have been a Make Up Artist now for over 30 years and a Hairdresser for 8 years.  My experience has come mainly through the wedding industry however I am formally trained in Special Effects and Stage with a Diploma of Stage and Screen.   I can pretty much tackle anything, although these days it is more about creating unique looks for our clients.   I was the previous owner of Mobile Makeovers which I ran successfully for over 20 years.  

When you come to see us for a Shoot of any kind which requires Hair and Make Up, I will be the one who will be looking after you.  I will personally work out with you what kind of look you are after and we will work towards that together.  I also help James with the styling and we like to consult with our clients before the shoots to discuss the clothing and desired outcomes for us all.

Most of the work on our website is mine so there are plenty of samples of my work available to view.  

Here is a link to my Instagram and Facebook page.

 I would love to meet you and have the opportunity to do something special with you.  Create some lasting memories for you and your family.

Tanya Pyne

0481 911 311