tips for a SUCCESSFUL photo shoot

Here are some simple suggestions on how to make the most of your Photo Sessions.   These are only guide lines to help Tanya give you the best images possible.  However the choice is YOURS.  It does help to bring several changes of clothes if possible so we can help you choose or in case something is not working.

Kidz and Family Shoots... Yes to...

Your Clothing choice for your Children and yourselves is SUPER important!  

Have a look at some other photos that you like on the internet and try to choose some clothing styles that are flowing, like long skirts, flowy material tops like chiffon or other soft materials.    

For men, choose something flattering and something that is you. Classic jeans/pants and shirts are great.

Kids.  Same as above.  Think carefully about your choices and how they will look with you walking or sitting all together.

Try to choose simple plain colours. Patterns, stripes and Florals can be very distracting from the subjects and your faces.  Soft muted florals for women can be ok but plain colours preferred.

Very bright clothing can also be distracting unless you want to stand out!  Eg.  Red dress with a Glamour Shoot is perfect!  Family and children’s shoots soft colours are best.

Wear colours that go nicely together for groups of two or more.  Eg.  White, Blue, and Grey. If you have a group, try and coordinate everyone with similar and complimentary tones.

Try to choose Classic styles that wont date so your images are still fashionable in year to come.

Bring hats, hair pieces, scarves or accessories that show your personality and style and some favourite toys and accessories for the little ones.

Suspenders are great for boys and pretty flowing dresses for girls.

These are only suggestions, you and your family can certainly choose how you wish to be dressed.

Wrinkled clothing can potentially spoil your end result. Bring your clothing on hangers and hang inside your car.  Even better, wrinkle free fabric is amazing.  🙂 

Dress for Full Length, even if you are not planning on full length shoots.  There may be something that comes up where you need shoes.  

Make sure your shoes go with your outfit.

Definitely bring your sense of humour and expectation of having some fun

that thing about yourself that you don't like.....

If you and your partner will be in the photos, I am aware that many people are self conscious about some things about themselves and hate photos because of it.  If there is anything you are conscious of, please don’t by shy and let me know at the beginning of the session as there are many ways to tackle this.  Eg. Your nose or double chin!  (the old favourites).  

Don’t worry about what to do while we are shooting.  I will give you complete direction with this and most of the time you will be just having fun while I shoot.  

Ladies, if you would like optional Hair and Make Up for your session, please check with me before booking your time.  I am a qualified Hairdresser and Make Up Artist with 20 years Experience.  Basic hair and make up is $150 for adults and $50 for young ladies (up to 15 years).  The make up for young ladies is age appropriate and includes simple curls and very basic make up.  Click here to see my work on her Instagram Page and on our Website.

I hope this gives you some ideas.  If you need some further help with designing your clothing for your shoot, please call Tanya on 0481 911 311 as she would be more than happy to help you with this.