Meet James and Tanya. Husband and Wife team at James Pyne Photography

James Pyne

photographer / retoucher

James has always been a perfectionist.  

For 20 years he was a manager and senior sales consultant for the prestigious brand Bang & Olufsen. He then decided to bring this same passion and care for customer service and detail into his photography.  His past experience has given him a distinct eye for high quality and he won’t accept anything less.

To create images of the highest quality and standard, James invests in state of the art equipment. These tools allow him to create amazing  consistency and detail in his work.  

He says in life you never stop learning and he lives by this mantra .If there is something he can’t do, he will find a way to learn it, work it out and perfect it! 

Professional with a great attention to detail and a flair for creativity, James will take care of you from start to finish.  

Tanya Pyne

Hair and MakeUp Artist/retoucher

Tanya has a passion for colour, creativity.and styling.

She has been a business owner and manager for over 30 years.  20 of those years as a Hair and Make Up Artist.  

Her skills and talent bring a huge benefit to the studio’s hair and makeup service,  providing both consistency and incredibly high quality and a team that knows exactly what each other require to bring a project to it best conclusion. 

Her eye for detail, colour theory, beauty knowledge and brush skills gives Tanya a huge advantage with retouching which she is very passionate about..  

With a friendly personality and a calming influence, for you she is there to help you have some fun and feel more comfortable, along with making sure you look your best.